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Jun 14 16 8:38 PM

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I bought an 18×24 Black Teddy poster locally and noticed that in a small triangle section between her shoulder and strap that should be white like her skin, it is colored pink like the background. Everything else looks ok but now I can't stop staring at this spot. It is matted and never been removed from its frame. There is a Merrill Chase Gallery Chicago sticker on the back. I don't really mind the flaw as I am buying these cheap prints just for the love of the images. I get so happy coming home and seeing them on the walls. More than anything I'm interested in finding out why this mall art gallery sold this print with such a defect. Maybe this was typical of these places? The old price tag of $125 is still on it too. Did the original owner pay that much for it? I wouldnt. Im reading and learning a lot about Nagel art and history and I would appreciate any info on this. Once I get interested in something, Im compelled to learn EVERYTHING lol. 


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Jun 22 16 9:52 AM

Pink Triangle

It's possible that the print you have is either a re-issue (unauthorized) or part of the fraudulent publications distributed years after Nagel's death. Since we're not sure to what image you're comparing yours, it's diffcult to say. One clue: After Nagel's death, Karl Bornstein (and as it turns out, some other counterfeiters) published different runs of the same images, often varying the sizes and the colors.

Rob Frankel
Author, "The Artist Who Loved Women" A biography of Patrick Nagel

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Jun 22 16 3:19 PM

That particular piece was only issued as an unlimited poster, so I doubt that it would be worthy of knocking off. Quick look on Ebay shows that all the "black teddy" pieces have the same pink triangle, so it's likely a flaw that was missed (especially given that Nagel had already passed when this piece wa printed) by the printers/publisher.

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Jun 22 16 7:50 PM

Thank you for the replies. I took a look at the few images that show up on google and ebay as well, and they all seem to have the correct white triangle. I was hoping someone here has seen this image in person to confirm. The only reason I didnt think it was an unauthorized print was that it was purchased years ago from a gallery(closed in 2002) in my area, but I guess they could have sold fraudulent posters. I dont like knowing that I probably bought something that was once created to make a buck off the popularity, but its a lesson learned. Thank you for the info.

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