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Aug 3 16 11:35 AM

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I have a double image "Papillon" - 1981 , with double in-screen signature.  It was purchased in the 80's for $2800 but I can not find any information on ANY double image Papillon's...  Can someone enlighten me?  

Thanks ahead of time!!

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Aug 4 16 8:51 AM

Signed in Screen Papillon

Others may disagree, but as far as collectibiltiy goes, my bias it away from all SIS issues.  Is there an additional pencil signature and/or number?  To me, $2800 seems way high, but I'm sure others on this list can chime in with their opinions.

Rob Frankel
Author, "The Artist Who Loved Women" A biography of Patrick Nagel

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Aug 4 16 11:53 AM

There is no other pencil/#.. Just the pen/ink signature. I looked up very closely and they seem to be 2 different images. They look identical, but they are not, the lines/colors are slightly different one from the other. I keep looking to try and find another one like it on the web, but I don't seem to be able to. ... I'm at a loss.. It says (1981 Mirage Editions)

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Aug 5 16 9:19 PM

The double sets came in unsigned and signed versions. Back in the day, the 11th Street Gallery, the retail branch of Mirage, priced the unsigned double sets above the single signed version, but below the signed double set.

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