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Aug 13 10 10:30 PM

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Hello Nagel forum.

I have the following Patrick Nagel serigraphs hand-signed by Patrick himself (and I'm 100% sure of this).

I would like to know two things:

1) How much can I sell them for
2) Where is the best place to sell them at the best price

Just to note, I'm not interested in dealing with a long auction process and would rather sell them someone that can buy directly.

Also, if anyone is sincerely interested in buying these, shoot me a private message.  I have detailed pictures (with signature/numbering) of these works that I can show.  Thanks.

Descriptions of all of these are as follows ...

"Great Dame"
Signed serigraph
Artist proof
approx 4 ft x 3 ft (frame included)

Signed serigraph
Artist proof
36.5 in x 42 in

Signed serigraph
Artist proof
36 in x 30 in

Signed serigraphs
Artist proofs
35.5 in x 25 in
** NOTE: I have two of these **

"Nagel: The Book (poster print)"
Hand signed by Patrick Nagel

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Aug 14 10 10:52 PM

Hello Nagel24!  Wecome to the forum.

These two questions are interrelated, so I will answer them at the same time. 

The best place to say Nagel prints and to get the best price depends on how eager you are to dispose of them.

Ebay is by far the most expedient. 

At present, chain galleries like Martin Lawrence are not selling Nagel prints.  However, Todd and Mo Bingham ( )  have been successful in brokering prints as has ArtBrokerage ( ). Broker/dealers tend to get better prices for prints.

Value? While the market on Nagle originals has jumped up considerably, the valuation of prints is largely unknown.  In the past decade, Nagel prints have largely stayed in the same price bracket.  Your Great Dame, for example, could sell anywhere from $750 to $3,500.  I have seen the price spread that much.  Condition is very important.

Your Nagel:The Book print came out after his death, so it cannot have been signed by him.  That print is largely decorative and would sell for $35 to $100.

Hope this helps!

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Aug 15 10 5:54 PM

Can you let me know how much a signed by hand "Sunglasses" serigraph would approximately sell for? 


Hello Mary!  Welcome to the forum.

"Sunglasses" was never issued as a serigraph.  It was an open-edition lithograph, with some variations in the color of the sunglass lens.  A number of people are confused by the "Nagel" signature in the lithograph, thinking that it was signed when, in reality, it is printed.

I have seen very few signed "Sunglasses" prints.  I believe that I have seen a few "dedicated" prints where Pat signed and dated the prints, but these are not truly considered "signed" within the term's meaning.   That said, if you did have a true signed Nagel "Sunglasses" print, I would suggest that the print's value would be somewhere between $100 and $500.

Thanks for posting! 

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Jan 4 11 4:20 AM

I have a collection of 12 serigraphs by Nagel.  A couple of them are signed by his Wife and list 328/990 or similar so I assume limited edition.  All are matted and professionally framed but a couple of them need a little help as the matting is warping a little and pushing away from the glass (otherwise in excellent condition).  I am in the process of getting them appraised but would like your oppinion.  I've been told I have a few hard to find prints and could get more for those but literally have no clue.  I'm looking to sell the entire collection.  I understand w/out seeing them and w/out verifying authenticity this is just a guess but that is what I'm asking.  What would you guess I could expect from such a collection?  I have the Playboy 30th, Montana, Shannon (signed Dumas), Charlotte (signed Dumas) and Rio and I believe I have Commorative #3, #8, #10, #12 and #15. A vague question warants a vague answer but a sliding scale as presented in an earlier post would be appreciated.

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Feb 21 11 10:36 AM

I recently purchased 2 nicely framed Nagel prints for 37.00 and 39.00 respectively. Aproximate size of the prints themselves is 24 x 36. One I believe is titled "mirage" and says NAGEL THE BOOK at the bottom. The other I'm not sure of the title but is a woman in a yellow dress and has a signature that I think is "SIS"?  and is from the classic visions collection. I understand that SIS prints are not considered as actually signed by the artist ?
I'm sure the frames themselves are worth the price paid. How can I find out what the framed prints might be worth worth and what would be the best place to sell them ?
I have photos but am unable to attach them here.

Thanks !

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#9 [url]

Mar 22 11 12:08 PM

     Hello I am new to your forum and would like to tell you all this is a great place for information on Nagel art! I have looked at your topics many times before I decided to become a member. for the past year I have been uying and selling Nagels art work along with others on ebay.
           I have recently aquired a signed and numbered " Hanson Investments"  and a signed and dated "Malke-Sage" and would like to inquire about the values of these prints. They both are framed and in perfect condition.
               Thank You for any help you can provide

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

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#10 [url]

Sep 20 11 11:49 PM

Hi Nagelites, I am new to this forum and I am so glad to find you.  I thought Nagel collectors were becoming far and few.  I had a question about where I can sell my signed "Shannon" she is beautiful professionally black lacquered framed have all the paperwork as well.  If anyone is interested or if you know of a place in Chicago that would sell or auction an item like this I am open please contact me at

Thank You

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#11 [url]

Sep 26 11 9:49 AM

I've got a signed/numbered Nagel (Mirage Gallery, Hollywood, Ca) print. Any special gallery or auction near Seattle that would be a good place to sell this? Or is it worth anything?

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#13 [url]

Jan 28 17 11:57 PM

Both versions of Sunglasses that were released while Nagel was alive (the black and silver) were printed as open edition lithographs with a price of $35 dollars.

That price is about the same today, but one in top condition can go for more, but most are not in good condition or are glued to backing boards because they were never treated as valuable prints.

Best to you,


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