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Oct 16 12 9:36 AM

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Karl disappeared after Mirage's demise.  I could not find contemporary information about him.  However, in my attempt to respond to Mmmike's topic on museum collections with a Nagel, I came across this unusual resume with a note at the bottom that Karl passed away this year.  Here is the resume:

Karl Bornstein
(775) 751-8690

Professional History

  • Partner and CEO of Strategic Concepts Inc., Las Vegas & Pahrump, NV (2003 – 2011), Santa Monica, CA (1995 – 2003) (see contacts)
    • SCI specializes in Unique Strategic Partnerships, Creating Extraordinary successful Trend Setting Business Programs that not only create added revenues for our clients; simultaneously creating the most Avant-Garde Cultural and Social Media Phenomenon’s that expand our clients demographics’ and market share exponentially. Our métier is to minimize the potential for failure and maximize our client’s prosperity and success by leveraging our expertise and three decades of product development with our clients hidden assets within their current fiscal budget, through our Artist Representation, Trend Analysis, Brand Building, innovative marketing, licensing, and cross merchandising of the limited edition art prints, posters, collectibles and Product Applications in concert with the appropriate clients /companies for new market segments i.e.… Action Sports Art; for world wide event merchandising as well as the coordination of multi sponsored media events for added publicity to increase Market Share, Sales and Bottom Line Profits from existing intellectual properties with no additional overhead.
  • Mr. Bornstein began publishing art in 1972, selling over 23,000,000 art prints to date not including overhead free revenues from product application for the Licensing Industry.
  • President and Chairman of the Board, Mirage Editions, Inc. (1975 – 1994)
    • Mr. Bornstein’s company Mirage Editions, Inc. developed and profited from a wholesale/retail distribution network of over 6,000 accounts worldwide, creating an estimated 14% market share internationally in its category of art print publication.
  • Owner and President, Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
  • Owner and President, Shea & Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
  • Owner and President, 11th Street Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
  • Consultant and Program Director, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA
  • Consultant, Smithsonian Institute
  • Consultant, Chicago Art Institute
  • Consultant, Turner Broadcasting System
  • Consultant, The Disney Company / Wayne Morris
  • Consultant, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Consultant, Vista Group / General Motors
  • Consultant, 1984 Olympic Games Arts Committee
  • Consultant, Warner Electra Atlantic
  • Consultant, Paramount
  • Consultant, City of Los Angeles
  • Consultant, IBM
  • Consultant, American Film Institute
  • Consultant, Frank Sinatra / ABC
  • Consultant, George Lucas / Lucas Films
  • Consultant, Estate of Groucho Marx
Professional Associations
  • Charter Founder, Fundraiser and Consultant, MOCA, Los Angeles
  • Former Art Chair, ECO
  • Former Art Chair, American Oceans Campaign
  • Alumnus of UCLA, majored in Art and Business
Professional Achievements
  • Mr. Bornstein began publishing art in 1972, selling over 23,000,000 art prints to date not including overhead free revenues from product application for the Licensing Industry.
  • Designed unprecedented marketing plan and achieved pre-published sellout of over 78 signed and numbered limited editions of art prints prior to publication date for a single artist represented from inception of career to blue chip status. The same marketing approach has been successfully employed with over twelve additional artists represented exclusively by Bornstein.
  • Mr. Bornstein’s publishing company achieved the highest sales-per-prints published ration of any company of its kind.
  • Coordinate artists’ shows with the most important galleries and museums in Europe and New York for intrinsic and promotional value in leveraging sales and collector awareness.
  • Mr. Bornstein lived in Paris for four years before starting his publishing company, traveling extensively throughout Europe reviewing and acquiring fine art for the most important collectors and museums in Europe and New York. During his last year in Europe, he started his company to take advantage of his extensive connections and create an international business enterprise for an unaddressed market niche in which he created demand for desirable new art products, which he correctly perceived to be extremely profitable.
  • Mr. Bornstein is credited with, and considered to be a specialist in, orchestrating the entire careers of a number of well-known artists including the innovative marketing and sale of their paintings, limited edition prints, museum shows and press/publicity, and for developing and employing new technologies in printing and cross-merchandising techniques to increase publicity and sales. His forte is in creating larger demand than supply of limited edition art prints.
  • Guest lecturer for such publications as Art News and Art Forum as well as guest speaker at numerous colleges, universities and museums. Author of best selling art sales manuals for other important retail clients.
  • Juried art shows for colleges, museums and corporate sponsors.
  • Created new proprietary concept regarding in-house trade shows for large companies and pioneered innovative digital sales tools and point-of-sale presentations to enhance sales ratios for retailers.
  • Mr. Bornstein has coordinated art print and publishing joint ventures, including the planning and execution of the attendant marketing campaigns, with a number of major corporations, media entities and events including (For complete list of clients and projects go to or request by email).
    • ASP
    • Monday Night Football
    • Surf, Skate, Snow Museum Exhibition
    • PepsiCo/Northern America Mural Campaign
    • Mt Dew/ Green Label Program
    • Juxtapoz Magazine/Thrasher Magazine/HSP
    • Concrete Wave
    • Oakley Sunglasses
    • Caesars / Harrah’s Entertainment Group
    • Gatorade
    • Associate Publisher of Concrete Wave Magazine
    • MTV
    • Monkey Wrench Records/Jeff Ament/ Pearl Jam
    • U-2
    • Nirvana
    • Nine Inch Nails
    • Grammy Awards
    • Paramount’s 75th Anniversary
    • The Cure
    • John Travolta/The Air Traffic Controllers Association of America
    • Madonna
    • Playboy Magazine
    • Lucas Films
    • Chicago Art Institute
    • Frank Sinatra’s 70th Anniversary for ABC & The Society of Singers
    • Los Angeles Olympic Games, Los Angeles (1984)
    • Architectural Digest
    • Esquire’s 50th Anniversary
    • Esquire Magazine
    • American Airlines
    • Intel
    • HBO
    • Hollywood Reporter
    • Capital Records
    • World Wildlife Foundation
    • David Copperfield Television Specials
    • Rolling Stones
    • Gruenwald Center for Graphic Arts, UCLA
    • Flashdance the Movie for Paramount Pictures
    • Baccarat
    • Delta Airlines
    • Comic Relief/HBO
    • “Chorus Line” the movie
    • Playboy Jazz Festival
    • Geffen Records
    • American Film Institute
    • Elvis Presley estate
    • Lalique
    • Motor Trend Magazine
  • Mr. Bornstein has created successful products, merchandising and licensing joint ventures as well as coordinating the attendant public events that enhanced the marketability, and the public perception of these projects for the following clients and especially the artists:
    • Grammy Awards
    • Paramount’s 75th Anniversary
    • Esquire’s 50th Anniversary
    • Lollapallooza 1993 and 1994 tours
    • David Copperfield
    • Comic Relief V
    • Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood’s 100th Anniversary
    • American Film Institute
    • World Wildlife Foundation
    • Warren Miller ski films
    • Playboy
    • Frank Sinatra’s 70th Anniversary for ABC
    • 1984 Olympic Stars in Motion
    • Architectural Digest
    • Geffen Records
    • Groucho Marx 100th Anniversary for Variety
    • Chorus Line the movie
  • During the course of Mr. Bornstein’s long and distinguished career, he has represented and published many well-known artists that have become famous throughout the world, including the following partial list:
    • Pendleton
    • Lim
    • Abel
    • Warhol
    • Nagel
    • Keith Herring
    • Arnolde
    • Brandenburg
    • Erte
    • Helwein (Boulevard of Broken Dreams series)
    • Keith Herring
    • Hockney
    • Hoppe
    • Gipe
    • Kelly
    • Muench
    • Mukai
    • Richter
    • Ruscha
    • Sims
    • Talbot
    • Turrell
    • Vargas
    (Partial List)
Please feel free to do the following ‘Google’ searches for Karl Bornstein of Strategic Concepts, Inc.
  • Karl Bornstein Art Publisher & Gallery Owner
  • Patrick Nagel and Mirage Editions, Inc., Santa Monica, CA
  • Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
  • Shea and Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica, CA / New York, NY
  • Patrick Nagel at the White House, The China Room
  • Robert Hoppe and Mirage Editions
  • Mirage Editions, Inc., Santa Monica, CA
List of personal sports and activities and interest:
  • High School & College
  • Swim Team
  • Track & Field
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis Team
  • Water Polo
Personal Sports:
  • Skate Boarding
  • Snow Boarding
  • Skiing
  • Water Skiing
  • Surfing
  • Off Road Moto (motorcycle)
  • Racket Ball
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Polo
  • River Rafting (Rapids)
  • Sailing
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Chess
  • Art
  • Art History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Movies
  • History
  • Football
In memory of Karl Bornstein (1946-2012). May he rest in peace.

Here is the link: 

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#2 [url]

Oct 16 12 10:18 AM


Thank you for the news. This is unfortunate. Yet another key figure in Nagel's career and life has left with a wealth of information.

On an odd side note: I found the reference on his resume "Patrick Nagel at the White House, the China Room" is a parody and a blatant one at that. I have attached the link here:

With this type of indiscretion on one's resume, one might wonder how much more is embellished or possibly negligibly added by a careless assistant? Who knows, perhaps another question unanswered.

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#3 [url]

Oct 16 12 10:46 AM

I am chagrined that I never had the opportunity to interview Karl as to his candid views about Nagel and his work.  As we all know, you either loved or hated Karl;  I have known people on both sides.

I think the resume is an unwitting eulogy to Karl's work.  Karl's wordy gobbledegook that he creates " . . . added revenues for our clients; simultaneously creating the most Avant-Garde Cultural and Social Media Phenomenon’s that expand our clients demographics’ and market share exponentially . . ." hides the simple truth that he was brilliant in combining commercial enterprises with art. 

As I have said before, Warhol showed the world that commercial brands and other popular iconography could be incorportated into art.   Karl Bornstein took it to the next level and showed that commercial brands were art.  That was not a Patrick Nagel innovation; that was Karl Bornstein.

And the art buying public accepted Karl's truth.

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#4 [url]

Jul 18 15 4:56 PM

UPDATE: Patrick Nagel Biography

Greetings all:

As much of the research for the Nagel biography is completed, and with the writing well in process, I thought I'd chime in to let you all know that under even the lightest scrutiny, the truth about Karl Bornstein is not terribly flattering. In fact, much -- and I mean an awful lot -- is simply fabrication by a man seemingly desperate for acceptance.  The book documents all instances of his prevarication, the most notable of which is the complete and total absence of any substantiation of college education or degrees therefrom. And there's much, much more.

This remains a fascinating journey of discovery, both tragic and enlightening. 

More updates soon.

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#5 [url]

Apr 23 17 11:55 PM

I worked with Karl for 2 years. My name is included on the resume above. He was a rep for me and acted as an agent in a few projects. I spoke with him nearly every day for those 2 years and what I can say without any hesitation is that Karl was a genuine, very intelligent man. He knew more about art and art history than anyone I've ever known (and that's a lot of people over a very long period of time.)
I can also say without hesitation that he loved Patrick and still mourned his passing up until his own death. He never had anything but positive things to say about Patrick and it was clear to me that they had a very solid friendship aside from the working relationship. And despite what people may surmise or dig up about Karl (his education, claims about clients or work), there's no doubt that between the Karl Bornstein Gallery in Santa Monica and Mirage that he accomplished more than the vast majority of people in their lives.
He was human just like all of us...he was a salesman...he was very, very intelligent and had a way with words. And boy, could he tell a story. To this day, some of favorite stories were told to me by Karl about his early days of living in France and scouring flea markets for art to resell. And like all good stories, I imagine there was some exaggerating at times but at the core of who he was and his life's experience, he was a good man and a talented man.
He loved the idea of social media, he loved the fact that he could stream movies to his laptop and do research online but he was an older guy and was never able to master social media. He was a hand's on guy...when he spoke to my collector's he always used the phone and it wasn't uncommon for those conversations to last more than an hour. It went well beyond just selling a painting and was very much about connecting with people, telling stories and sharing experience.
He could be a bit much for some people, he did come on strong sometimes but most of my clients who dealt with him enjoyed talking to him.
I think there were times when he struggled with a changing world as someone who was a purist when it came to art but in dealing with him daily, he was a good person with the best intentions at the time I dealt with him. There were times myself when I felt like he was stretching the truth on a few issues but he was a consummate optimist and always trying to make deals happen.

And again, as far as his relationship with Patrick, it was 100% genuine. And he did facilitate Patrick's career in ways that likely wouldn't have happened had he and Karl not become friends. And if that's the only thing he contributed to the world, that would be quite enough. But there are some stories out there you may or may not be able to find where he has saved peoples' lives before by being there for them, helping them whenever nobody else could or would. Artists are a funny bunch...Karl was drawn to them and wanted to help them and he absolutely was able to do that with many artists.

When I was working with Karl, my dad was suffering from Alzheimers and Karl changed his schedule to fit mine. He knew it was an insurmountable issue that I was dealing with. I was depressed, stressed...constantly trying to solve issues that came up. And Karl would call every night just to check and see how I was doing, to tell me stories to take my mind off of the situation, to talk about art and history. He wasn't focused on money or success for me, he just wanted to make sure I was doing OK at the end of the day.

And so for that, I will always consider Karl a gentleman and a friend. He probably did burn a few bridges over the years working in the art/printing industries but he also helped a lot of people and facilitated a lot of really amazing projects and events. I went on to win a Grammy a few years after his death and that's something I know he would've gotten a giant kick out of.

RIP Karl. All business and art aside, I will always be grateful for his friendship the few years I worked with him.

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