Dec 1 12 6:34 PM

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a lesson in identifying a fraudulent nagel

-price. the sweet spot price: not too cheap so as that the price obviously identifies a fake. but not too expensive so as to incite some real interest. in this case $202.50

-an "AP"! what a coincidence that the book image of this nagel poster is an AP as well

-a comparison of the image to the poster: here the text is too close to the image. the real Park South poster, between the text and the image there is more space. in the nagel book, the space between the text and the image was reduced so the image could be enlarged and all the text could be preserved. (strange, considering one of the best nagels, the image of Cleo, is so small in the book)

-a disinterested party to verify the measurements. in this case the image: 8.5"x12". sound familiar?

the conversation:
me:"thank you ma'am. i really appreciate your time taking the measurements. you may take the hold off the item."

vendor representative: "so, you don't want the poster?" with a little surprise in her voice

me: "no, thank you. you see, it is a fraud." lighter explanation of the above ensued in which i was cut off to...

vendor rep: "do you work for an art gallery?"

me: "no, ma'am. my name is nagel-angel and i..."

vendor rep: "i'm sorry, i have another customer"

well, my last line was not exactly like that, but it might as well have been. thank you, nagel-angel! your knowledge of nagels and insight once again!