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Dec 8 12 3:12 PM

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dont recognize this nagel image. am presuming it is legitimately licensed nagel art
it is not too different from Gray Lady

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Dec 8 12 7:54 PM

Waywardtom, I'm pretty sure this is a licensed product. The image is of a canvas painting which was also included in one of the Nagel calendars released in the past.

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Dec 9 12 12:12 AM

As always, mmmike, is correct.

It was painted in 1982 and is on canvas.  The mugs were released by the estate through Figi Graphics.  They also released the same images in the same simpified format as smaller tiles that have magnets on the back.
The 1991 Nagel calendar features Sushi Girl on the cover. It features several images that are not otherwise available including the following: 

  • Full-sized (uncropped) image of Palm Springs Life on canvas
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of woman in a bodysuit on elbows and knees
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of woman in pink tank top (a variation on image on page 109 in the book, with her back to the viewer)
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of canvas version of image on page 115.  (Book states the one on page 115 is on canvas, but it is wrong, as the book too often is.)
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of Veranda
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of the image off of this mug, which a friend calls "Towel Girl" since she appears to be laying on a towel in the original.
  • Image of the original canvas of Isetan
  • Previously-unpublished/unseen image of Man in Pink Tee

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