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Dec 9 12 1:22 PM

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Hello Forum,

I acquired half of Karl Bornstein's private collection of posters recently at auction. All are Mint or Near Mint. All were kept flat filed, never rolled and never seen the light of day.  If you are interested in any of these posters for your collection please contact me by private message. BEFORE making me an offer consider this, these are all the unframed #1/ 250 coming directly from MIRAGE!! Two were already sold to another forum member (Hanson and Lorraine) and I am sure he can give you his opinion on their condition. These are the ones I know I am willing to discuss currently before putting up on Ebay. Giving you a chance first...

Just Looking 1/250 (Her dress is pinker than you will ever see!) I have the state proof and can tell you this one is superior in color!) RARE because of its condition!

Yochum Kay 1/250

Sunglasses Silver Foil 1 of only 75 (YES SIGNED & Haven't completely decided to let go? Make offer) RARE!

Mirage Regular 1/250 (Only one to show evidence of framing some taping on back. Image is excellent ...Consider owning #1 of this directly from Mirage itself!)

Art Expo 1980 1/250
Art Expo NY 1981 1/250
Piedmont Graphics 1/250
Stanley Fimberg 1/250 &

I also have a mint Collectors Gallery, Silver Sunbeam and Stanley Fimberg, Architectural Digest that are unsigned from Mirage too. And one Stanley Fimberg framed floated A/P.

Thanks, Swimmersgirl.

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Dec 9 12 6:10 PM

....and I bought the other half! All of them are 1/250 and all in the same condition, as Swimmersgirl will attest.

If you're interested in an of the following, let me know:

Noble Wisconsin
Collector's Gallery (Small version)
Paper Mill
Piedmont Graphics
Standing Lady (Wasserman)

Also for sale:  Playboy 30th Anniversary unsigned, excellent condition

Rob Frankel

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Dec 9 12 8:06 PM

Nagelcollector: Yes, I think Rob and I did very well! We were very happy to pitch in together as we were both at the auction to acquire our favorites for ourselves. My favorites I'm keeping: Texas, Silver Sunbeam, Grumwald, Papillion State w/Star, Mothers Earth Paris and FINALLY my Swimmers!!! with gorgeous pink caps.

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Dec 9 12 8:29 PM

So did the two of you buy both lots together then split them up, or did you get one lot and Rob got the other?  I was tempted to go after the lots, but my walls are already filled up!

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Dec 9 12 11:06 PM

If anyone would like a 2nd opinion on the condition based on Hanson and Lorraine, let me know. I actually have not seen them yet but will soon. Based on some microscopically detailed photos they are essentially perfect.

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Dec 10 12 12:02 AM

Enzo: Thank you! And I can't wait to hear when you finally set eyes on them.

Nagelcollector: Thirty three posters were sold in one lot. Thirty signed, 3 unsigned. We both met for the first time coincidentally at the auction hoping to be the big winner. Rather than out bidding each other and one of us paying possibly double for the lot, we decided on the spot very quickly to bid together and split it fairly. This took place in less than a few minutes:)  It worked out beautifully and is a nice story.

Rob is a great guy! And has perfect posters- A couple that I still wish to get ;)

I also purchased a smaller lot that included several unsigned posters and the Stanley Fimberg framed AP.

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Dec 10 12 8:34 AM

Yup. Swimmersgirl is as rare a find as anything in the Bornstein lot, and helped to make the entire event that much more enjoyable.

After the auction, we commandeered the Teen section of the Tarzana Public Library to alternatively choose our pieces.  

It was like the NFL draft, only prettier.

Rob Frankel

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Dec 10 12 9:58 AM

Did you go first or two seconds?   Along the same lines, an old friend of mine bought a batch of Elvgren paintings when they were a fraction of the value they are now, and they did the same thing.

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Dec 11 12 8:39 AM

We each started out with one favorite and then flipped a coin to see who'd go first. After that, we alternated. I'm pretty sure each of us was satisfied with our choices. We still jointly own three pieces that are available.

First thing I did afterward was purchase top grade archival sleeves for all the pieces.  After all, framing everything and finding wall space for them isn't always possible.  So for now, all my pieces are stored professionally, but within easy reach for viewing.

Rob Frankel 

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#13 [url]

Dec 23 12 10:05 AM


They are very elegant! Beautiful, truly. Actually, I didn't realize how elegant Patrick Nagel's work could be. So glad you got the posters from me and I am so happy for you! 


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