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Jan 22 13 1:17 PM

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This thread is long overdue.

I thought I would create a thread for compling Pat's images of men or that include men, even marginally.  

This first picture was a commission for a book titled Landscape with Traveler: The Pillow Book of Francis Reeves.  I really like this image.  The man is supposed to be mid-40s if I remember correctly, so Nagel has added more highlights around his sideburns and added a few lines around his eyes.

The New York skyline also partially appears in Nagel's Art Expo New York, 1981.



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Jan 24 13 2:25 PM

i almost wonder if nagel errored in Landscape with Traveler, nagel-angel. although his tapered eyebrow is feminine, the strong face and squared eyes in a man are not so nagel. but then, patrick was commissioned to make this piece? so he had to conform to the patron's commercial interest

the owl in the corner, is that the emblem of the book publisher?

a nagel of the masculine i find compelling. when i look at this image, i am reminded of anne ryan's atlas shrugged, which (again) is about strong female protagonists, which would suit patrick well

unusual for nagel, perhaps, in so much it portrays strength, a resolve, independent stance reinforced by the strong jaw line, the prominent shadowing (of the man's head) in which this time, a man is almost staring, indignantly so, straight into a light source strong enough to be the sun. he squints as though to complement his straight mouth, determinedly fixed on some point in the future

the nose is particularly strong as well. reminds me of the image on page 131, the reversed view of the woman in the black camisole, she also has a strong nose. but here the shaved eyebrow, lack of side burn, the minimal eyes even for a squint, nagel confirms (his) feminine masculinity in this image and the reversal of typical gender characteristics which defines his work

the top of the t-shirt, i am reminded of james dean's rebel w/out a cause

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Jan 24 13 7:07 PM

This would work here and possibly the unusual images topic but I have these invites and wanted to share. This is indeed a full unused pad of 30 birthday invitations made by the Creative Stationery company some time in the 80's. Please share your thoughts or go nuts and print them for your next birthday party... just make sure i'm invited :)

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Jan 24 13 9:41 PM

As great as he was with women, Nagel (to me) didn't possess the same mastery or range with men.  His women speak to me as alpha-females; the men more like proto-metrosexuals.  

If there is a representation of a more macho Nagel man, I'd be interested in seeing it.  Not that I've searched extensively, but from what I've seen, the surest way you can tell most Nagel men are male is by checking on which side of their shirts the buttons are sewn.....

Rob Frankel 

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#5 [url]

Jan 25 13 5:30 PM


Those invitations are amazing! I recognize the face from the Budweiser series, and the body is from the Playboy image commonly called "Keys."

And to segue into Rob's comment that "if there is a representation of a more macho Nagel man, I'd be interested in seeing it."  Point well taken.  In the Budweiser ad campaign, this particular face (as a recycled image) was specifically found to be "too pretty" for the artwork.  Pat had to butch his men up. 

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#6 [url]

Jan 25 13 7:15 PM

I agree.  Where is the party?  

I suspect it is mostly a partial lift from this image

from "The Tomorrow Show" since the highlights in the hair are not very Nagel-esque
in the invitation.

You have some great stuff!  I still drool over your Valentino!!!

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Jan 25 13 11:11 PM

here we have haphazard additions but for the gender and all but one have turned up collars. from movies portraying mid 18th century france, i have seen this. when i lived in italy a few years ago i saw it as a fashion amongst the male youth. i wonder what patrick was thinking to paint this characteristic, hip?

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#8 [url]

Feb 15 13 1:50 PM

Responding to Rob's comments, I think the depth and breadth of Nagel's women, frankly, reflects both his personal interest in the female form, and the variety of ways women can look and still be models.  Saying Nagel's men mostly seem like proto-metrosexuals is basically saying male models in the 1980s were proto-metrosexuals.

I do see some of Nagel male images as being "less pretty" than others.  Case in point the following early portait where the subject alone defines ruggedness through profession:



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#10 [url]

Feb 18 13 12:35 PM

nagelite: LOL!!!

Here is another unusual one, early in Nagel's career, where the eyes are still very "proto-Nagel" and even the wrinkles in his smile appear to take on an eyelash like quality.

For Tommy James' 1976 album "In Touch:"

Credit for learning of this Nagel illustrated album must go to forum member "The Seated Man."



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#12 [url]

Feb 18 13 12:59 PM

"The Seated Man" is a great online searcher.  He sent me all kinds of things over several years.  He has been pretty quite on this forum for a while, but I want to give credit where credit is due.  This album is pretty easy to find on eBay if you look for a while.  

Like so many early originals, its whereabouts are not known. Tommy James may have it, but that is just a wild guess.

"The Seated Man" also sent me some images from Intel's Nagel collection.

Intel?  Nagel?  Yep. 

To quote Intel's site:
From 1979 to 1982, the art [Patrick Nagel] created for an Intel ad campaign, including approximately 60 Intel advertisements, gave the company and its products a distinctive leading-edge identity.

(Back in the early 1980's I did acquire an image of a woman holding a mask, very much in the manner of Diptych, only with the woman posted more like Grunwald; it was an Intel ad cut from a magazine.)

Here is one image from a show they were going to host that, as I understand it, was cancelled:

This fella seems pretty corporate in his looks to me and is less pretty than the men that make up the bulk of the males in Nagel's oeuvre.



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#13 [url]

Feb 24 13 11:31 AM

This is a male nude as the subject of a woman photographer. The male is actually completely nude but a 35mm film canister has been placed at a place to be more public friendly. I have had this work  displayed for many years but recently have decided to sell this piece. It is still in the original frame and matting that Mirage had done some 30 years ago and looks great but does need to be removed and clean to be back to press-ting condition.                                                        

Click here to view the attachment

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#14 [url]

Feb 24 13 12:12 PM


Thanks for posting a much better quality image of the original.  It is hard to appreciate some of these if one cannot see Pat's detailed work.

I am sure you know this, but for the benefit of others, this piece appeared in the May 1978 "Playboy Advisor" column and looked like this, without the camera lens:

I apologize for the small size of these photos, but when I originally worked out with the Nagel estate posting these at their former website, we agreed keeping them this size was the best way to avoid any issues with Playboy Enterprises; Playboy owns copyright on some and estate others. 
Since you are posting in order to sell, my understanding is that is fair use as folks will want to see quality images (Heritage Auctions sets the standard for being able to proxy bid with confidence sine the quality of their images allows potential bidders to get a strong idea of the quality and condition of the item for sale.), where my image are for educational purposes, again, deferring to the estate on how they were comfortable with me posting these, which I will want to adhere to.



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#15 [url]

Mar 3 13 12:05 PM

Here is another Nagel male image not often seen.  I suspect this was for selling shoes, but that is just a guess.  The signature is consistent with Nagel earlier work, circa 1978.



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#16 [url]

Mar 5 13 5:11 PM

can vouch for Maverick's original as posted here; that is, as much as i can identify what appears to be an original nagel

the painting is in beautiful condition along with the frame. the only obvious issue is that the painting and matting appear to be loose in the frame. if it is tipped to the side, they move together slightly. would not say that this issue detracts from its value or worth

also, from my experience with Maverick, i found him to be an honorable person who is looking to sell his nagels, originals (4 that i saw) and serigraphs, at a fair price. he also has the bronze of "Bust" #2 of how many i don't know. page 139 from the book

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#17 [url]

Jun 18 14 3:12 PM

Pat truly enjoyed the work he did with Regis McKenna Advertising for the Intel account. The style of the illustrations was very difficult for middle managers at Intel to accept. It was people like Dave House, Bill Davidow, Andy Grove and Bob Noyce that blessed it and allowed us to proceed. We did more than 60 individual advertisements using Pat's work. It established a new image for Intel as they faught Motorola for semiconductor and microprovessor leadership. Intel won because they had a broader solution and engineers wanted to appear "cool" by using Intel products based on the ads we created with Pat. Pat was easy to work with. Once he gained the insights to what the product did and what the value was to the customer, he always came back with great images that supported our strategies. We did not have computers at that time, thus all work was special delivered from LA to Palo Alto. I can't imagine how great it would have been if we had the Internet. 

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#19 [url]

Jul 2 14 8:19 PM

You could either use the link icon to just add a link to the photo or the mountain and sun icon to add photos when you use the add reply button, the quick reply button doesn't give a toolbar. Hope that helps. Although, i do not know how to make large images as an attachment :/ 

Here's smaller photos until i figure out to add in the larger images.
I believe the first two were done in gouache.
Intel ad campaign:

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#20 [url]

Dec 4 14 9:51 AM

You live and learn: Tommy James original


Funny how things change.  Not only have I learned more about the Nagel men and come to admire them, I actually purchsed the original Tommy James you posted. Always wanted an original as a bucket list item, so now I have one (as of late 2013).  What I like about this particular item is that it was created in 1976/1977, one of the first pieces where Nagel's final style emerges. Also, that it shares a place in rock and roll history is pretty neat. Finally, it's a male portrait that Nagel enriched far more than his typical male image.

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