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Mar 11 13 8:05 AM

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Hello Forum,

Posting again since some have sold and it was accidentally in the history discussion. Lol.

I acquired half of Karl Bornstein's private collection of posters recently at auction. All are Mint or Near Mint. All were kept flat filed, never rolled and never seen the light of day.  If you are interested in any of these posters for your collection please contact me by private message. BEFORE making me an offer consider this, these are all the unframed #1/ 250 coming directly from MIRAGE!! Four have been SOLD to other forum members (Hanson, Lorraine, Just Looking and Yochum Kay are now GONE!) and I am sure they can give you opinions on condition. These are the ones I know I am willing to discuss currently before putting up on Ebay. Giving you a chance first...I would really love to see these go to real fans.

Sunglasses Silver Foil 1 of only 75 (YES SIGNED & Haven't completely decided to let go? Make offer) RARE!

Mirage Regular 1/250 (Only one to show evidence of framing some taping on back. Image is excellent ...Consider owning #1 of this directly from Mirage itself!)

Art Expo 1980 1/250Art Expo NY 1981 1/250Piedmont Graphics 1/250Stanley Fimberg 1/250 &

I also have a mint Collectors Gallery, Silver Sunbeam and Stanley Fimberg, Architectural Digest that are unsigned from Mirage too. And one Stanley Fimberg framed floated A/P.

Thanks, Swimmersgirl.

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Mar 11 13 8:38 PM

acquired two posters from swimmersgirl, from the karl bornstein estate auction, Just Looking 1/250 and Yochum-Kay 1/250. condition was mint for one, the other near mint with detailed inspection. if i had appreciation for any of the other nagels swimmersgirl has, i would have happily acquired them

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