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Jun 13 13 12:33 PM

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Kristen is a patrick nagel portrait of demure. the center of attention is upon an element otherwise absent to all other portraits of and most other nagel woman: those rolled shoulders. and even Kristen focuses on them. with that immediate engagement of the viewer with confidence and a steadfast, straight expression. Kristen is patrick nagel's kristen nagel womanfirst impressions are often wrong. all the girls who walked up to me, dropping their shirts away from their exposed chests were being blatantly seductive. or at least my imagination, the only place in which that happened (happens?), said so. and here one would be forgiven for feeling that Kristen's exposed nipple contradicts the predominate element, those shy shoulders. and if it wasn't attached to a near perfect breast, i wouldn't even notice it. and thus i believe it is an element which reinforces the personality patrick placed in this nagel woman. so strong is Kristen's demureness, that the fully seen breast doesn't matter. in fact, i think that is what patrick is saying by her state of undress, which btw, is missed in the Nagel Nagel, Kristen's weaker twin.

Kristen, she is a stand alone amongst all of patrick's works. i can find no other nagel in which the nagel woman focuses on her reservation so dominantly and securely. she is the complete opposite of the nagel women in the Lucky Strike ad campaign (p79 of the book) or Black Bustier who are confident but not so confident that they dont feel they need to exaggerate it (the former is, selling something); no reservation there btw. or most any other nagel, except for perhaps Seated Man whose strongest characteristic is his rolled shoulders. but then that is a man. and he is inwardly focused and reflecting. and the view is from the side. and he does not engage the viewer as does Kristen.

of patrick's works, only Michelle and Cleo are so engaging the viewer (Mirage is too offended and indifferent, flipping you off with her shoulder; another shoulder study though) as Kristen. in fact, i would consider these three triplets. but where as Michelle's business attire demands a feeling of respect and professionalism thus keeping the viewer at a distance, Kristen draws you in. she dares you with that stare: "go ahead, take me"; i mean, heck, she is naked. she doesn't hide behind anything. and Cleo, my baby, she, ummm, i dont know what to feel about Cleo yet. perhaps that is one of the reasons i want her. and Kristen, she doesn't need to bat her eyelashes either. she knows she doesn't need a single additional effort to get any guy, most any guy, to trip over his own feet. Art Expo Ca comes not quite close to Kristen's demureness as the nagel woman is obviously attempting to hide her face beneath a raised shoulder, and with the turned back -an additional characteristic of demure- it is not a portrait, more of a study of what a woman can do with her shoulder.

Invitation could be considered in comparison to Kristen's demureness because of the two main focus elements: direction of the glance -down and to the side- which is so primary to the piece and the facial expression which is soft but also lost or elsewhere focused. but demure needs the wearer of it to be aware of both the surroundings (the onlooker) and one's own emotional expression, for which Kristen exudes so confidently. neither of the other two, btw, engage the viewer with their demureness. "Kristen" says signed and numbered 109/250, perhaps the broker added the proofs to the numbered run? more likely some poor research pulling up Nagel Nagel signed production numbers. even so, at $3,000, she does not attempt to engage a potential owner. if i didnt enjoy Cleo so much, the same model i understand, i would have Kristen immediately. hmmm, in the wrong context, that doesn't sound good. but my point is, when i look at Kristen, i could give up the vows i've never taken. no other nagel does that so well.

imagephotos of Kristen,, Seated Man from

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