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Aug 8 13 7:42 AM

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We've seen originals, serigraphs and lithos.  Now I see "estate-stamped" limited edition giclées" which in my understanding, are simply digital reproductions, usually printed out on stretched canvas to mimic painted originals.  These are marketed at Just Looking Gallery as prints.

Anyone want to speculate what's going on with these?  I can't see them having much more value than your run of the mill litho poster.  

Or am I missing something?

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Aug 9 13 12:12 PM

No speculation needed.  I actually have some info on these prints. 

Just Looking Gallery held a show featuring original paintings and drawings back in 2009 (I believe).  The show was a phenomenal success, and as part of the show, giclee prints were made in modest numbers (I believe about 50 prints per image, but JLG would be able to answer this question).

The prints were in response to requests for additional Nagel images to be released.  I believe that they are all signed (by Jennifer Dumas) and numbered.

Ralph and Ken at JLG are very good at pricing their pieces.  I recall that the original prices were around $200, give or take.  Good quality, smaller size prints. 

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