Nov 19 14 8:59 PM

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Wall Street Journal, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 section A3 there are two graphic advertisements, one by Kiton, advertising a woman's full body coat, and De Beers, advertising's a woman's braclet. both advertisements typically use the beauty of the model's face to transpose value to the commercial product.

both female model's head are cropped at the top, definitively in Nagelesque style. i think to attribute the commercial artists who designed the photograph sets as having purposefully used Patrick's style of portraying a woman might be a bit much. they might have been born after Patrick's death. yet to say it is not after Patrick's style, i think one would have to see similar advertisements from before the time of the publication of Patrick's work.

but i think that is where the comparison stops. although De Beers has the precise facial features of the Nagel woman, including the feline nasal bridge, that is part of the model's beauty. and i would doubt the commercial artist purposefully chose a Nagelesque woman. i find the pose of both woman unlike how Patrick would have posed them. other than the expression on the face of De Beers, both women are posed feminenly weak by comparison.