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Nov 26 14 3:46 PM

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got an email alert from liveauctioneers today for a fake Michelle and Kristen. the execution of the images are convincingly good at first but for the mouths (strange), the colors are very different, yet the signature is nothing like Patrick's and i wonder if the artist so intentioned.

lefora will not allow a url to be typed (pasted) so i have removed the "." and replaced it with "dot"


you can connect to the Kristen from the Michelle page.

the more i look at the images, the more i see the striking quality of Patrick's skill disipate. even though the duplication of proportion is excellent, the nuances are almost unbelievably swallowed in over doing it: more (jacket highlights, irises, earrings)

for example, the copy below, her irises are almost full compared to the original, so the sultry look is deminished, and she becomes more "approachable". the copied mouth is lighter in color and looses the peaked ends, so the copy looses a distinct professionalism that Patrick embued to his work. i find it strange that whomever the artist is, that these qualities would be missed when such proportions as the crossing of the necklace in line with the mouth, nose, nasal bridge is there.

it just goes to show you that more is less and too much of a good thing looses affect. once again and always, Patrick Nagel, brilliant artist!


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