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Jan 22 15 10:58 PM

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Looking for some hand signed Nagel pieces.  Not looking for any certain one.  Please respond to this or send me private message with your offers.  Thanks!
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May 2 15 10:53 AM

Nagels 4 sale

I was left a Nagel commemorative seriograhs 1-15 of which 1-6 are beautifully framed plus a hard copy book with posters in it. Look like never opened. The 7-15 pictures are in foam core with acid free paper and have been stored in a home here. Also I have a signed and numbered Carol  un framed. I am looking to sell as a group.   Susan

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Oct 27 16 3:45 PM

greetings Cswfavs,

the forum would have more interest if you would identify which Nagels you have for sale, or perhaps a description. photographs would be the best. :)

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Jan 21 17 2:42 AM

I am going to post this here just to let everone know that about six months from now, I will be in the market for a few of the grapics that I have yet to collect:

  • Black Robe
  • Standing Lady
  • Lori
  • Invitation
I am also looking for the offially released Ballantine's poster for The Great Gatsby with the large portait heads of Robert Redford and Mia Farrow.
Once I have the above five pieces, I will have completed my collection of Nagel's print collection.

I also have a few pieces that I would upgrade if ones in pristine condition present themselves:
  • Gray Lady (the large graphic)
  • Collectors Gallery (the large graphic)
  • Carol
  • Mirage Ship (signed only)

While I would rather pay three times the price and get a flawless print than get a deal on one that needs some restoration or has condition issues. (I find even slight bends and creases in these prints diminish my enjoyment of them, as they are so counter to Pat's clean lines.), I am also patient and only want to pay a fair price, and won't be up for a price gouging and will pass on offers at circa 1985 era prices.


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