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Nov 8 15 10:44 AM

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Hello all.
Just wondering if anyone on here picked up a few of the Nagel lifetime prints on ebay today.  They seemed to be in great condition. I picked up a few my self. If u did lets us know who the active bidders for Nagel are.
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Nov 20 15 8:45 PM

Nothing really worth it. Plenty of opportunists though

I've been watching EBay and other sites. Most of the stuff worth buying is really overpriced OR unsigned lifetime being passed off as collectible. I can't believe the prices I've seen for Hanson. I just picked up a signed numbered one for $300 and some people have it up on EBay for thousands. Fine by me, but be careful what you buy. Just because it's lifetime doesn't mean it's the same value as a signed/numbred lifetime.

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Nov 21 15 2:42 PM

Ejoying nagel on a budget. But did get a malke sage for 390 with no fading Did i maybe pay to much on some. Yes and no. I buy for enjoy. . Thinking any percect condition lifetime under 100 is a go for me

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