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Feb 11 16 5:39 PM

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Greetings all:

The estate-authorized biography of Patrick Nagel is now in its third/production galley stage, being prepared for production. At this time, we are prepping amazing, never-before-seen photos of Pat's early workd and personal life, from birth through adulthood.  It's amazing. 

As you know, Pat did a lot of work for Playboy magazine.  The good news is that Playboy has welcomed the opportunity and will allows me to use Nagel work from their collection. Now the trick is to decide which of their pieces to use. If you can suggest a piece and cite the issue in which it was published, please contact me so that we may consider it.

More as it develops!
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Mar 7 16 11:14 AM

UPDATE: Patrick Nagel Biography 03/07/2016

Greetings all:

The biography is now in its completed, galley form, being fact-checked before haeding toward publication. At this point, I have received several offers for publication but I am not convinced any of them are suitable.  I would like to see the book out by summer, and believe that can happen.  I can guarantee that at the very least, it will be distributed through Amazon.  I can further guarantee that there will be no electronic editions, i.e., e-books or Kindle editions.

The next phase is dedicated to securing the high resolution graphics.  After that, I'm hoping to move into production by April.

As I promised, this is not your average biography. :D

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Mar 19 16 10:58 AM

UPDATE: Patrick Nagel Biography 03/19/2016

Greetings all:

Quick note to inform you that the Patrick Nagel Biography has been awarded its copyright, cleaing the way to the next step: Gaining permissions to use graphical images in the book.  The latest version of the book (give or take) is roughly 300 pages. Still working on how many published images I can wrangle to put into the book.  This is not at "art book."  It's a biography, so don't expect a huge collection like The Art of Patrick Nagel.  All of the graphics -- from early childhood and family photos to rare unpublished pieces -- have a purpose in telling the story.

More details as they develop.


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Mar 21 16 4:03 PM

How hard was it getting permission from Playboy to use images given that the publisher and the estate aren't the best of friends?

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Mar 22 16 7:25 AM


There's been a lot of water under the briidge since the days of anomosity.  There has also been a major change of guard at Playboy.  When you throw in a new third party who brings benefits to each, things start to work.  I began this project in earnest in 2013, with exploratory calls.  Over time, the path to cooperation became more clear. 

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Mar 24 16 9:34 PM

 never wanted to know the life of someone i've not known personally before.  looking forward to the book, Rob! i presume you're closed for particular art ideas.

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Mar 25 16 7:01 AM

UPDATE: Patrick Nagel Biography

Thanks WWT.  We're still open to art selection.  That's not been finalized yet. Playboy has been very helpful in offering its supply of art.  The challenge will be identifying which art from which issue.  Other than that, they're on board.  Jennifer is also going to be suggesting pieces, I imagine.  My own choices have less to do with subjective selections than examples of what was happening in his life and career, or instances that reflect issues in his evolution.

Remember -- and I've had to explain this over and over to everyone -- this is a biography, NOT an art book.  Patrick Nagel already has a coffee table art book.

So feel free to suggest any pieces you think might add to the story.

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Mar 25 16 8:29 AM

I would rather know stories behind certain prints and Pats favorite prints. I am glad this is a history of Pat . We can all see pics of prints on net. Thank you for exposing us to something new regarding Nagel

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Mar 31 16 10:11 AM


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