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Apr 18 16 4:16 PM

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Greetings all:

The project started in late 2013 is now available for pre-order and will begin shipping in early June, 2016. The Artist Who Loved Women: The Incredible Life & Work of Patrick Nagel, the Most Successful & Anonymous American Artist of the 1980s is roughly 300 pages, hardcover.  You can read more about it, read an interview and see some obscure video at its very minimal website: TheArtistWhoLovedWomen.  As far as I know, this is the only book about Nagel's life, rather than just his art. 

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Apr 18 16 6:03 PM


been looking forward to this biography of Patrick Nagel since just about when i joined the forum. what a great endeavor you undertook! as an owner of numerous Nagels, including an original and twin Cleos, which helped form my particular tastes in the female form way back when, i have wanted to better understand the work which went into what i have exchanged for my time and resources. the story behind the acquisition has always been important to me. and i'll take your work biographing Patrick's life as important to that.

Congratulations Rob!



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Apr 19 16 2:28 PM

I negotiated with all of them. Short story: all were too cheap, too slow or too difficult. I decided to self publish it like I did with my second book The Revenge of Brand X. Much more efficient. 

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Apr 22 16 9:22 AM

I've ordered my copy too. 

Was great to watch the Todd Bingham interview with Patrick and Karl. I've wanted to get a copy of that for some time now.

Does anybody know if Todd and Mo Bingham are still dealing in Nagel art? I reached out to them a few times this year but didn't hear anything back. Hoping everything is well with them.


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Apr 27 16 12:35 PM

glad to know you have self-published, Rob; that the $ is going to the author and not a large publishing conglomerate. am still recovering from a last purchasing and framing of a Nagel. when i can put two cents together, your book is mine to buy! and i look forward to learning about the life of the artist's work i admire the most, that is... after God. :)

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