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Oct 28 16 8:30 AM

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Greetings all:

Did a really great interview with Playboy yesterday, covering everything about Patrick Nagel while highlighting The Artist Who Loved Women Among the more interesting aspect was that the reporter was a young man, born after Patrick's death. He read the book, and as a result, understood a lot of the history that affected Patrick personally and professionallly.  You have no idea how rewarding it is to hear the accurate thoughts and reactions played back by total strangers, especially those who never experienced the eighties.  It gives me great hope that the book is, in its own way, beginning to restore Nagel's legacy.

I expect the feature article to run sometime in the next 90 days or so, probably on and possibly in the print edition. I'll advise when I know.

Rob Frankel
Author, "The Artist Who Loved Women" A biography of Patrick Nagel

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Dec 8 16 12:32 AM


there's an article on the playboy web site of the interview. glad they got a question in on Patrick's relationship to the 80s culture. you would have thought they would have discussed his work for the magazine in greater detail, let alone any detail. as neat as it is to see discussion, i feel what an opportunity for more!

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