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Nov 7 16 5:48 PM

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If you have a spare $50K+, four Nagel originals are going up for auction at Santa Monica Auctions on Sunday, November 20.  LiveAuctioneers is carrying the auction.  Of the four, at least two are in the Art of Patrick Nagel book.  One was owned by a Nagel model and the other three were owned by a personal friend of Pat's. I expect that at least two will clear the $100K mark.  The auction can be previewed at this link, (which will expire after November 20)

Rob Frankel
Author, "The Artist Who Loved Women" A biography of Patrick Nagel

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Nov 21 16 10:56 AM

FYI, the SMAuctions event on Sunday, November 20, 2016, FAILED to sell ANY of the Nagel originals. Could have been the weather (rain in Los Angeles freaks out people) or the date: Lots of people leave the previous Friday to take a long Thanksgiving vacation. More likely, it was the wrong audience for Nagel buyers. Robert Berman's gallery was a powerhouse in the eighties, but it's possible that his was the wrong venue. Heritage seems to move pieces at better prices.

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