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Dec 26 16 10:14 AM

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Happy New Year, all!  Just wanted to share this review of the Patrick Nagel biography, because good news is so rare.  Sales are impressive and the whole project continues to provide real reward:Nice fan letter for TheArtistWhoLovedWomen.comDear Mr. Frankel,
Thank you sir for writing such a great book on Patrick Nagel. As an artist, I found it one of the most inspirational reads in awhile.. and very informative. His work lives on in a brighter light with your investigating and writing.


Rob Frankel
Author, "The Artist Who Loved Women" A biography of Patrick Nagel

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Jan 2 17 2:23 PM

Sweet, Rob!  i continue to enjoy the warm feeling i get when looking at Pat's work now through a better understanding of his life by reading your work. its pretty cool to feel that much more a part of borrowing each piece from the next eventual owner. the biography makes owning a Nagel more fulfilling. its to like that much more.

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