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Apr 22 09 12:45 PM

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Members and visitors to this forum are encouraged to discuss and share unusual works that are rarely seen by anyone.  By "reply," you can share works in this thread, or comment on those already posted.
For example, here is an ink and guache Nagel painted of a mother and child.  This modern-day Madonna was supposedly given as a gift to a woman who had just had a baby:

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Apr 22 09 1:04 PM

An interesting fact is that Nagel probably painted less than 100 paintings on canvas.  He was reticent to even paint on canvas, prefering instead to use artist board.  He painted some of his images on canvas around 1981 until his death.  Of the those paintings on canvas, there were likely only three that depicted men.  None of the three paintings were sold to the public during his lifetime.  Here are two of the three of these paintings on canvas:


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Jun 8 09 11:53 PM

TSM,  I bow to your ability to find original work.  These are real treasures.  The woman on a dolphin is amazing, and one of the few rare departures where Nagel used pencil for his creation.  The Seated Man line drawing looks particularly nice in small size.

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Jun 9 09 9:06 AM

Here are some good examples of original guaches that were modified when silkscreen prints were made.  The first is the guache that became CN 15.  It was originally published in Playboy magazine with the nipple of the figure showing.  Before his death, Pat did a line drawing of this image with the image cut above the nipple.  CN 15 undoubtedly would have become a limited edition had Pat lived.  It also shows that before Pat's death even some of the later CNs were being considered for publication as limited editions.

The bottom photo shows the original guache for Sushi Girl with -- [drum roll]  -- sushi!!  This image was also modified to remove the hand and chopsticks.  Some fun facts about Sushi Girl:   (1) this was likely the last work that Pat submitted for publication before his untimely death;  (2) the image with sushi graced the cover of Chicago magazine (containing an announcement of Pat's death inside); (3) the original painting had green earings (reflected in the magazine cover) -- presumably Pat covered up the green with lavender strips on the guache to create the color of the earings that are familiar to most people. 

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

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Jun 9 09 8:07 PM

"Pat Ast" (1977)
Colored Pencil on Board
by Patrick Nagel 

Pat was a native New Yorker who worked as a receptionist and clerk in a box factory when she met Andy Warhol. She starred in his film "Heat" with Joe Dallesandro. Her film role led to meeting the fashion designer Halston at a party, and he eventually gave her a job at his Madison Avenue store as a model, despite that fact that she weighed over 200 lbs. Pat Ast was also a singer, this image could have been intended as an album cover.

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Jun 10 09 4:00 PM

Thanks for inviting me back again. It is great to see the forum working now. Im really amazed by these drawings. I did not know that Nagel did any drawing. They are beautiful. Didnt Pat Ast star in Reform School Girls? I loved that movie tho I have not seen it in over 20 years. I did not know her history or that she worked for Warhol. She certainly was memorable in the movie.

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Jun 11 09 8:17 AM

Yes, Pat Ast played the part of Edna in the 1986 film "Reform School Girls". Besides Andy Warhol and Halston, Pat also became friends with director John Schlesinger. He gave her a small (uncredited) role in his 1969 film "Midnight Cowboy". Pat Ast pasted away in October of 2001.

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Jun 13 09 10:00 PM

I took many pictures at Just Looking Gallery's Nagel Retrospective show. 
I will periodically post some of the image here. 

While I suspect the first three prints released for the show did not sell well, I continue to hope more prints of some of these originals, like this one, "Man in Pink Tee," get released as high-quality, large scale prints, because, well, I am a sucker for all things Nagel, and this is my favorite of all the unreleased images.  It "speaks to me" in so many ways, from the composition, to the quality of the draftsmanship, to the man and what he is thinking about...

NOTE: this is the third of the three Nagel male images on canvas that nagelite referenced in his post.

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Jun 13 09 11:16 PM

Guys, these are unbelievable.  Its nice to see the paintings again, but I have not seen any of the drawings.  I really want to see some of the stuff thats been hidden from view.  Keep 'em coming!

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Jun 14 09 11:11 AM


I will post images of some of the drawings, too.  I only took pictures of a few, the ones I was debating purchasing, even though Ken and Ralph were great hosts and accommodated my every request for the two days I pretty much took up residence in their gallery.  I am glad you're enjoying them.

Here is another painting (I had already uploaded to the web.):

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#15 [url]

Jun 14 09 10:05 PM

Okay, here is one that was stashed in the files at Just Looking Gallery.
I am VERY curious about this, because this appears to be a black line drawing
for an image I have never seen in any other form, and the black line would suggest
it was being prepped for reproduction as a serigraph.

The shirt and earrings are soooo 80's,
and the prop grass is really...uh...unusual... but what a great Nagel face!

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#20 [url]

Jun 16 09 8:36 PM

Here are two more paintings from the Just Looking Gallery show:

For the few drawings I took photos of, I am probably going to have
to adjust the contrast in Photoshop before I post most of them because
they are pretty faint.

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