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Jun 22 09 11:17 PM

I continue to be amazed by what is being posted.  The "Woman With a Parrot" drawing reminds me of some of the posters that had women and birds featured such as "Lorraine," "Casa Lupita," "Piedmont Book" etc.  Nice theme.  Wish he had done more colored sketches.

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Jun 22 09 11:20 PM

I was admiring the painting the Nagel-Angel posted with the woman in the open shirt.  Sure looks like the model for "Venetian Blinds."  Beautiful piece.  Anyone know who sat for it?

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#26 [url]

Jun 23 09 3:05 PM

Hello Aaron,

Jennifer was asked that question at the Nagel Retrospective at Just Looking Gallery. She couldn't remember the model's last name, but her first name was Lisa.

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Jul 26 09 9:33 PM

Hello everyone. I own The Seated Man Printer's Proof pictured. Thought maybe someone here might be interested in purchasing or tell me the best place to sell it.

I purchased it in 1987 in an art gallery near Ventura, California.

Any idea on the way Nagel did APs and PPs? Were there more PPs or more APs?


Gerry Eastman

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#30 [url]

Jul 27 09 9:07 AM

Hello Seatedman 2! 
Your printer's proof is a good lesson of an omission in the book, the "Art of Patrick Nagel."  You will note that there are no printers proofs listed for this print. 
I know of one other printers proof that emerged as Samper Silkscreen was shutting its doors.  Until today, I thought that was possibly the only printers proof around.  Now I know that at least one other was sold in 1987.
There are definitely more APs than PPs of any Nagel image.  I cannot tell you how many of any particular print that were done insofar as Nagel never numbered his APs or PPs (other artists often do number both series). 
Thanks for sharing this print with us!

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#31 [url]

Jul 27 09 5:04 PM

Hi nagelite!

Did Samper Silkscreen do this print? And if so, when did they shut down?

I was told this was a unique piece when I bought it.

I guess being a PP then would make it more valuable.

I'm just starting to look into selling this piece.

The line drawing of this print on this forum was neat to see.

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#32 [url]

Jul 27 09 7:19 PM

Yes, that is a print done by Samper Silkscreen.  I recall that it went out of business around 2002 - 2003.  I really do not recall the specific date.  Lots of treasures to be found in the files, including a printers proof of Seated Man! 

With no contrary information, the gallery's belief that your print was unique was a reasonable one insofar as there was no record of any other printers proofs in published material.

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#33 [url]

Jul 29 09 3:26 PM

Hello Gerry....or should I call you theseatedman part duex?

So, you're interested in selling your Seated Man? What price range were you thinking about?
If the price is right, I'd be very interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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#36 [url]

Aug 12 09 9:44 PM

Man in Pink Tee is now Man in Pink Tee and Pink Fiberglass.  He was in a terrible tornado on February 10, 2009.  He (and "Seated Man") is intact but will require a good going over by a conservator.  My home was totally destroyed and I lost a few S/N pieces but my pride and joys were spared.  BTW, Seated Man only suffered a broken frame.  He is fine. 
This was pretty amazing considering we never found our refrigerator....

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#37 [url]

Aug 12 09 10:10 PM

???!!! just glad your ok through that. I take an earthquake wait....what am I saying! :) thank you for showing some things we never get to see of Nagel. I go nuts when originals get lost or destroyed and then there no images in reference.

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#38 [url]

Aug 13 09 7:30 AM

Sorry, I didn't post images.  I have pics of both but you can imagine "Man in Pink Tee" as pictured above.  Then imagine a splattering of pink fiberglass all over the canvas.  When the tornado hit, it was at the F3 level with winds about 140 MPH.  Some of the fiberglass is instantly turned to wet mush and that is what is splattered on the canvas.  He is OK just needs to be cleaned.

The wall Seated Man and Man in Pink Tee was hanging on was destroyed.  It is really weird how those two pieces made it through the tornado.  It is the original Seated Man and a very prized piece.  I couldn't believe when I found it, it only had a broken frame in the lower corners and broken glass.  The art itself was untouched.  On the other hand, I had the large piece "Shannon" hanging and we never found her.  Shannon wasn't a lifetime piece but I still really adored her.  Shannon is gone forever....

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#39 [url]

Aug 13 09 8:33 AM

Nice to hear that "Man in Pink Tee" only needs some intensive TLC.
It kinda killed me a little thinking it was damaged.

And the good news about "Shannon," is that as much as you and I both LOVE her, she is readily available on eBay (and usually priced within reason) at least three to four times a year.

Keep us all posted!

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#40 [url]

Aug 21 09 2:14 PM

Hi everyone,

Though this is not a painting, I think this would fall under the unusual images portion of this topic:

This is an invitation to a press conference hosted by United Artists & Chartoff-Winkler. Has anyone else come across one of these before or can anyone provide more information regarding this?


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