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Jan 6 13 11:49 AM

the censor on the iphone and ipod although 8 mp is poor. my decade old 3.2 mega pixel pocket camera takes better photos than either

thank you for posting the pictures, daqcraig. very telling to compare them, to see the original that much more stark in color and attractive than the serigraph. i have heard various comments over the months how the serigraphs (say Cleo) look so bold, but that the deco suite litho of Hollywood is considered by the owner of the original to be more attractive a piece of art than the original which is smaller

i don't know that it is right that some one person should own both the original and an excellent condition, well presented serigraph. there is something wrong about that. but i just dont know what. but if the world should come to some apocalyptic end with various disasters and human misdeeds, i shall surely hold the owner of two such fine pieces of nagel art responsible. at least the serigraph is more attractively framed and mounted.
with appropriate nagel envy,

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Jan 25 13 3:39 PM

I like them on glass!  Nagel images as a whole remind me of old stained glass in the way that the light colors pop against the black line work.    Nice that someone tried to take it to the next level!

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Jan 27 13 4:29 PM

Here is the prototype Pat painted for the Mirage Ship.  It is based upon Adolphe Cassandre's famous poster of the Normandie.  However Karl and Pat decided to base the "Ship" upon Cassandre's poster of the Atlantique. 

(I don't know what is causing the moisture marks on the black areas.  It is under the glass.)

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Aug 5 13 8:52 PM

So this has been bugging me for a while and I finally cracked it! While perusing past auctions I came across this lot of original drawings from Rio Phior which were once owned or published by Mirage / Karl Bornstein. Seeing this image a few years ago I too wondered briefly if it were a Nagel until it was pulled from auction by the estate but that still didn't answer any questions, this finally solves it for those who were still curious.

PORTRAIT OF WOMAN WITH BLUE EYES, color pencil on brittle black paper, 16 ½ x 13”, taped onto board, 25 ¼ x 19”; Together with WOMAN WITH GREEN SCARF, three color screenprints on brittle black paper (same image), all signed in pencil, from the numbered editions 240, images 24 ½ x 17”, all with full margin; GIRL WITH BLOND HAIR, color screenprint on brittle black paper, signed in pencil, artist’s aside from the numbered edition, sheet 21 ½ x 28”, all published by Mirage Editions, all with blindstamps and dates 1987, two with losses in corners, otherwise in very good condition. (5)

here's a link to the past auction, only $25 bucks what a steal!


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Dec 23 14 2:59 PM


So I'm killing time at work and having google fun and ran across a blog with some pencil drawings. The blog itself is old and I wouldn't be suprised if it's someone here. Bombfactory. But some of the drawings were just breath taking and is what I consider a great christmas gift for me to view.


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Dec 23 14 3:11 PM

More drawings

This one I found on a German auctions site.

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