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Nov 5 12 10:54 AM


I know who Nagel-Angel is, and Nagel-Angel knows me.  Neither of us knew Pat personally, nor did we work for Mirage.  However, we do know some of the people who knew both.

And yes, we are both obsessed collectors! grin

Lefora prefers the avatar approach to forums.  The anonymity is kind of fun.  I see it like a giant masquerade party where people can kind of guess who is who, but not everyone knows for sure.  Of course, removing the masks takes some of the joy away, so I have been happy keeping the mask on and enjoying the speculation.  wink

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Nov 5 12 11:23 AM

    Fair enough.  I'll just say as to myself, during my formative years I lived about 15 minutes from the 11th St. Gallery, but didn't start visiting until after Pat's passing.  I used to keep in contact with the one of the employees, Glen, for several years after the gallery closed, but I have since lost contact with him.  I also remember a very nice brunette lady (as opposed to Cheryl who as I recall was blonde) who worked there, but for the live of me I can't remember her name.  Can't believe it's been 25-some-odd years since the gallery shut down . . .

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Jun 13 14 10:52 AM

Thank you for sharing

I just wanted to say thank you all for sharing your knowledge and art. I've been reading posts on here for some time and have learnt a lot from you all.

I thought I would share some of my own pieces.

Hand-signed (36/250) lifetime poster 'Piedmont Book Company - Gallery'. I just need to find the perfect frame for it.image

The "N" Print - part of an alphabet series of pieces that incorporated the initial of the artist into the work.  Hand-signed with the A/P notation.
Mirage hand-signed and signed as S/P or "Special Proofs"


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Jul 7 14 7:39 PM

I am so lost

I tried to visit the old Patrick Nagel forum, to be re-routed to Lefora...what a run around and certainly confusing to a sometime reader and contributor.  I am hoping this is the same group that so graciously accepted me as a member and had a moderator that was so knowledgable about all things Nagel.  I am the writer of the Palm Springs Life article that accompanied the Patrick Nagel cover.  Please let me know if I have found that forum?  And perhaps participation has waned as Lefora lacks the step by step process to join.  (I can't tell you how long it took me to scroll DOWN to find ANY forum at all.  My monitor showed the graphic, but I as an idiot went page to page to page, never once scrolling down.)  So glad I finally figured it out.  So, cheers all and art is in my eye. 

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Jul 7 14 7:47 PM

Livingston, I presume?

Aha!  AFTER posting my lost woes, I found my past post and read the replies.  Toto, WE ARE in Kansas afterall.  So glad to have found you.  I am currently culling my collection of stories written through the years, and have as yet to find the PSL article.  But hope springs eternal...if anyone is interested, Milt Jones, the publisher of Palm Springs Life and other magazines recently passed away.  He was the man who orchestrated the commissioning of Pat for the March 1984 cover and then the limited edition serigraph of PSL. 

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