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Sep 26 11 11:52 AM

During the late 70's to early 80's, Robert Blue's images focused primarily on the 1950's fetish pin-up model, Bettie Page. He created his "Nagel-esque" images during the late 80's to early 90's, clearly hoping to "cash-in" on the frenzy after Pat's death. He eventually went back to his original "Pre-Nagel" style, painting 1950's pin-up images. Shortly before his death he had begun painting a series of "western" paintings...cowboys, cowgirls and the like. Robert Blue died of brain cancer in 1998.

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May 16 12 4:06 PM


I was directed to this forum by a gallery owner I queried about a painting I picked up this morning. He said I should Google artists similar to Patrick Nagel, and I stumbled upon this discussion. So, who can tell me what this is? The signature looks like Chuck B or Christopher ... I'm at a total loss.

I picked it up because it's pretty great looking. And I love a good mystery.


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#43 [url]

May 17 12 9:38 AM

Welcome Thrifatl!

This is a nice serigraph.  It reminds me of the ending scene of Chaplin's "Modern Times" when Charlie Chaplin's tramp hands a rose to the blind woman.

As to the creator of this print, I think that will remain a mystery.  A cautionary tale can be found in the story of this print.  Whenever one purchases an original work or a print, it is a good idea to collect as much information/documentation about the work and to stuff it into a manilla envelope glued to the back of the frame.  That way, the name of the artist, and other relevant information, does not get lost to time and various moves from place to place.

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May 26 12 3:41 AM

Hi again. Now that I have found out at least some information about this painting, I am thinking of selling it. I know it's a difficult question, but has anyone any idea how much this painting may be worth? It is a reworking of A Robert Blue original (thank's theseatedman) but it is a genuine painting. It's just a pity that I can't find out who the artist was.

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Jul 21 12 10:49 AM

She is a rare beauty. Artist proof, signed.  Currently matted & framed. Large, bold piece. Including frame the current measurement: 36 X 66 approx. Original owner, private collection, great condition.  Serious art collector's know the embossed image of Mirage editions on the lower bottom corner speak to the authenticity of the piece.  Circa 1982 signed by Patrick.  Item will be shipped unframed

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Sep 30 12 3:55 PM

it seems to me this 'artist' is using a computer program (like adobe photoshop) to convert a submitted photo into a nagelesque style. and all for the low price of only $5

in does promote nagel's style. just like any other artists in a style period which used the same style of the original style artist

if this guy had painted this image, i would say it is pretty darn good. it even has some of the elements nagel used to convey the emotions in a nagel woman

Click here to view the attachment

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#50 [url]

Oct 8 12 7:50 PM

Paul Driskill  -- artist and Nagel fan

While searching for a copy of the old Mirage price list (Todd and Mo Bingham used to have one on their site for a number of years), I came across this artist in Oregon. 

His website is here, and it does not seem to have been recently updated:

However, read his recollections about coming to appreciate Pat's work.  If this does not tug at your heartstrings, I can't imagine what would:

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Oct 9 12 8:21 AM

No updates and I tried to contact him to meet up, since he lives a few hours away and we both shared an affection for the gallery owner that sold us both Nagel prints.

I am only annoyed that Paul used my pictures from the Just Looking Gallery without my permission and got them from the old forum where I posted them and could have easily asked via a message.

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#52 [url]

Aug 26 13 8:01 PM

I thought this might be of interest to some of you. Upon looking for enameled pieces I came across this listing by another artist clearly referencing Nagel's Ballantine's work:

in the event the listing is gone, here are photos and the description:

"ART DECO Cloisonne Painting - $175 (costa mesa)

.WE BELIEVE IT IS FROM 60's OR 70'S & FRAMED on Black Painted Wood. 
Accenting the colors in the Art Deco style Painting. The lady, the vintage car, the LOOK! 

This reminds of the odd enamel piece that came up for sale at auction with Karl Bornstein's lot of prints. I don't believe I ever heard an explanation regarding it's creation. If anyone has any info regarding the enameled Nagel Mirage piece, I would be curious to know.



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Jan 2 15 9:23 AM

i dont know if this is an attempt at a nagel reproduction or is it an original in an attempt to create in the nagel style. Swann Auction Gallaries has it up for sale, estimated $600 to $900.

the number of hair highlights, hairline forshadowing, the variety in mouth outline, the amount of details in and around the eyes, even if the artist tried to capture patrick's limiting detail characteristic in the butt, overall, the artist way overdoes the amount of detail for this to be a nagel style image. its as though his only elements were: revealing woman posed suggestively, japanese wood block (2d), highlight detail to line. 

its looking at the attempts to recreate patrick nagel's work one can see the brilliance of his work, at what he created: the style.

i viewed a recent, local museum showing of various artists' works which focused on the graphic art of line. although they progressed the style of this art, the images themselves had no pleasing value to experience. the complete value of the artwork had evolved soley into progression. aethestics, visual appeal were forgotten. that made the artwork valueless.


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#54 [url]

Jan 26 15 6:13 AM


Any ideas on the provenance of this painting. I cannot make out the signature. It is 20" x 24" with notations on the reverse canvas margin "McNulty" and Sweigard/Blair"

Last Edited By: tropicvi Jan 26 15 6:24 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#55 [url]

May 29 15 12:53 PM

Is this a Nagel or a "Georgia?"

Is this a Patrick Nagel or very similar artist "Georgia?"

I have a print that I'm trying to sell, and am not sure if it is a real Nagel or not. In my search I have found a few of this same image that had sold on sites like ebay or Etsy and that these sellers believed it was a real Nagel, but my doubt about it is that I also found about 3 different pieces of this style, all with "Georgia" at the bottom... so my thought is that they cant be all titled "Georgia" and it must to be a signature of a similar artist? I looked through this forum and couldnt find any mention of a "Georgia" so I decided to make this post.

Either it is just another similar artist, or my other guess was that Nagel did a "Georgia" series? But that seems unlikely since no results other than these few I found on ebay and etsy by non experts, is there any kind of sign or mention of nagel doing a "Georgia" series. Unless they are rare? They were not on his website or on any image search.

I'm no expert either but would love any help or thoughts you guys have on this!




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May 6 16 1:51 PM

I recently came across Izumi Sanma on Instagram, and he has some artwork that is very inspired by Nagel's work. I really enjoy his crisp and clean approach and what he has done with some iconic Nagel imagery.

"PATRICK" 20x30cm, painted with ink & Prismacolors PM-6, 18, 43, 53, 72, 102, 134, 143 & 168.

In his words:

I wasn't big on Patrick Nagel until my friend Moura sent me a bunch of images while we talked about tattoo designs. This was about two weeks ago. Since then I browsed a lot and educated myself, and now I can say I love his work.

 I've been compared to him before but didn't invest in looking at his art because I found it too daunting - the most famous pictures are of girls [the "Nagel women"] and at first they all "look the same". Took some time to really appreciate his style and dig into his archive.


I stumbled upon one of his man's portraits and found it absolutely beautiful. He's half Apolo, half Adam and a bit of American gentleman. Nagel had a great eye for composition, a skill I wanna improve on. So I set on getting to know his style by copying this face.


Believe it or not, all of Nagel's paintings and prints are hand drawn. He excels at simplifying lines and shapes, as modern designers do. I borrowed this face and a mirror design to make a navy inspired scene. It's not much, but I like it. As I can, not as I would - this I borrowed from Van Eyck.

One thing I learned with all this - it's very hard to make a Nagel-style drawing, painting or whatever look stylish. I saw tons of copies and inspired art but they rarely got the flair of the originals - you can't get style if you have no taste. That goes for muses and artists likewise.


You can read more at his blog:

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#59 [url]

Jan 30 17 5:48 PM

We have no clue who did this, but maybe you do?

We inherited this rather larger painting and have no info on it. It feels Nagel'ish (Nagel adjecent at least) to us and woudl love any info should there be any.
Fingers crossed.

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