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Apr 27 09 9:58 AM

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Auction houses small and large can be fooled by fan-made copies.  Unless you are familiar with Nagel's work, be particularly careful of works on canvas.  The following "fakel" (as I like to call them) is set to be auctioned at Susanin's, an auction house that I have not heard of before, on May 9, 2009.  It may be yanked beforehand, or it may sell.  If it is bought, I hope the buyer who purchases it does so simply because he or she likes the image and not for any investment purposes.

Susanin's - WOMAN IN BLUE
Low Est.: $800
High Est.: $1,200
Signed Lower Left

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May 10 09 5:25 PM

Unfortunately at least a couple of people were fooled.  Some bid online, others from the floor.  At least the painting only sold for only $550 plus buyer's premium.

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May 12 09 9:22 PM

Rene -- Clever way around the spam filter.  There is not really any recourse for the buyer.  So long as the auction house sold the painting honestly believing it was by Patrick Nagel, the auction house is in the clear.  The buyer purchased the painting "as is."

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Jan 6 13 2:38 PM

a juxtaposition of this catastrophe to the nagel gives me a greater appreciation of the nagel woman and the artist's talent

the execution of the various proportions duplicating nagel's The Book is surprisingly accurate in, um, attempt. the extra width in the coat implies a conjoined twin. and the hair, that little extra height confirms the 60s beehive which eludes the original. really telling is the eyes. it is the third nagel woman characteristic exaggeration in this thing, which looses nagel's style. the horrid attempt at the eyeliner makes her look like she has some tropical virus or hasn't slept in days. more zombieism. and the eyes, each has a different line of sight

perhaps the artist thought that more of his style would make it, more nagel. but nagel artist's eye is subtlety in the nagel woman

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