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Jun 13 10 6:32 PM

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After receiving several emails from other forum members regarding my previous post about (760machaila), I figured it might be a good idea to post it again.
"I just wanted to past along a little warning to all of the Nagel enthusiasts here at the forum. It seems that the infamous JW has returned to hawking his subpar Nagel prints on Ebay under the username “760machaila”. If any of you have been contemplating purchasing from this seller, I would seriously suggest you reconsider. This seller has already burned two individuals that regularly post on this forum. JW likes to pretend that he is well connected in the art world, when in fact he has become a major pariah in most art circles. His “bait & switch” tactics, as well as the “questionable legitimacy” of the prints he sells, are well known by anyone that has had the misfortune of dealing with him."     

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Jun 17 10 5:24 PM

Hello, Thank you for this important information. I recently saw a posting by 760machaila for an artist's proof copy of Heidi, which I thought was rather suspicious because of the very low asking price. Other factors--the sellers low number of buyer feedback and the fact that the print is an artist proof (which is certainly easier to counterfeit)--only exacerbated my suspicion. Again, thank you for the info! Love this site!

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Jun 17 10 7:28 PM

I have remained silent on this topic until now.

Let me simply respond with a few questions any one should ask themselves:
If this is the person I purchased prints from in the past,
(and had countless issues with) why do they have a new eBay account? 

(It seems like the person in question, as I saw the correct name listed
on one of the framed images.)

Why is the eBay user ID I associate with that Nagel/Warhol seller
marked as  "no longer a registered user" at eBay?

What does that usually mean at eBay? 

Under what circumstances would one relinquish a years-long eBay history
and become "no longer registered" at eBay?

What would cause someone to abandon their extensive feedback history at eBay
and create a new account, which, fyi, is contrary to eBay policies?

Is that someone you would want to do business with?

Answer those questions of for yourself and then determine how you want to proceed.


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Jan 31 11 2:48 PM

Dear guest --

In virtually all cases where someone has been given a painting as a gift, it is not a Nagel.  Back in 1987, original paintings were selling in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Unless there was an unusual circumstance where a very generous friend or family member gifted you with an original, the work you have is likely a fan-made piece (and I am assuming you have a painting and not a print).

However, we would be happy to look at any clear photographs you have of your painting.  People on the forum would likely have an opinion as to whether it was genuine or not.

Take care, and thanks for posting,


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Jun 3 11 10:25 PM

Hi Sacred Animal!

Out of interest in the preservation of Nagel history, I did ask the owners of the painting about some of its history.  Apparently, this painting belonged to the late mother of the two brothers who are selling this painting.  Mom thought that she was told that the painting was of a famous actress, but the brothers do not recall who that actress may be.  Apparently, our kind friends at Just Looking Gallery thought that the painting might be of Cathy St. George.  What can I say?  Great minds think alike. 

That said, it may or may not be Cathy.  Pat did recycle his images from one painting to the next.  He could have used Cathy's face for the model of this painting, and Cathy would not have known.  However, I do not recall seeing a guache done of this image or something similar.  (God -- that mischievous look in her eye is SOOOOOOOO Cathy!)

BTW --  For some strange reason, this painting has a "buy it now" price of $12K; these are amateur sellers.  Yes, the Nagel market is strange right now.  However, of canvas paintings that have gone up to auction, only one canvas was sold for lower than $12K.  In other words, if this painting speaks to you, pay the $12K price and get it now.  You will not have overpaid.

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Jul 5 11 3:47 PM

Yes, I agree. Ebay is a wonderful tool, but cannot screen those who will hawk bogus "originals". If you have already discussed a particular "Ebayer" by the name of Stefan or Steve Gommerman--he is known and court cases against him all over the web. This guy preys upon deceased artists who cannot defend themselves: Patrick Nagel and another jazz painter named Leo Meiersdorff. Gommerman has sold more "knock-offs" of Meiersdorff, easily revealed as forgeries (created after his death). Just be careful when buying Mr. Nagel's work or any other artist on the web.

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Jul 5 11 6:18 PM

Dear guest,

I too question this seller.   Take a look at the very first photo that begins the thread "Original Paintings . . ."  The painting of the mother and child depicted in the photo is not the same as the one being sold by the ebay seller in question (currently priced at $15K).   The one depicted here is slightly larger than the one on ebay.  However, in all other respects -- the line work, the signature and its placement, etc. -- it is exactly the same.  Exactly! 

Pat was very good when copying his own work.  He could and did copy some images and would add subtle variations with each version.  However, check the photograph on this site with the one painting on ebay -- both are too perfectly copied to be by the Nagel hand.

So what does this mean?  Either one or both of these paintings are forgeries (likely done by careful mechanical copying, such as by giclee or some other process).  They cannot both be originals.

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Aug 8 12 6:31 PM

Are any of you aware of any prints that were signed in ink?  Specifically an A/P of Cal Expo?
All of my A/P and S&N prints are signed in pencil which I believe is meant to help differentiate from SIS prints.  I think I am looking at a copy of an actual A/P.

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#19 [url]

Aug 9 12 6:07 PM

enzo is correct.

To further clarify:

APs of Art Expo Cal *only* have the hand signed and numbered, or "AP" in sharpie like pen, and are *not* double-signed, once plate signed and then also hand-signed.

Art Expo NY 1980 *is* double-signed, once in plate, and then by hand, in pencil, for those signed and numbered or APs.

(I will have to dig out my Art Expo NY 1981 to confirm, but I recall it being double-signed, both in plate and again with the black sharpie like pen.)

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