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May 7 12 7:36 AM

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Greetings all:

In my quest for reasonably priced Nagels (lifetime, signed only), I bumped into, which seems to have some nice pieces listed, but at outlandishly high prices.  Even odder, the site maintains "minimum" prices under which they simply won't entertain offers.

For example, "Kristen" signed/seri is listed for $4700 -- with no offers below $2000 accepted.

What's the deal with that?  Are these just out of touch people? Legit? Crooks?

Rob Frankel

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May 7 12 10:28 AM


Artbrokerage is a good source for artwork, but it works like a consignment shop.  Other people have the prints, and AB acts as a middleman.

Long story short:  Make and offer on any print you like (even if it is below $2K.  Ignore anything to the contrary).  At worst, the actual owner of the print will tell you "no."

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May 8 12 10:39 AM

That's too bad.  Donna Rose was much easier to negotiate.  Some of the postings are really old and have been there since 2000.  For example, the Standing Lady has been posted with the "reduced" price of $6K since 2000.  I offered $3000 years ago, and Donna could not locate the seller.  Yet Standing Lady remains posted for sale. 

I do not know who Cathryn Parr is.  Her message to you reads like she has something stuck way up inside her that is getting all sore and rotten.  I would definitely comment to Donna that a good buyer is getting a pissy answer to a good faith offer.  If they are not going to sell art, then the site should close shop.

Here is my contact info for Donna: and

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May 18 12 2:55 PM

Very unprofessional. Will not return phone calls. Sent my 5000.00 art price to their buyer and have not received the funds. Caution is necessary here. Will be filing a police report for art theft and mail fraud. Very expensive lesson.

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May 25 12 4:12 PM

Did receive the funds but I will never do business with them again. Helen (my contact) is some real estate person who is moonlighting as an art specialist for this site. She was non responsive and rude at best. I had to spend $$$ to investigate her and the site to put my mind at ease. When the buyer receive the "Glass Piece" then Helen tried to say that the display case was cracked and wanted ME to replace it even though it was insured by UPS. She said she would send pictures but never did. How does the plastic case get cracked and the Glass Art NOT!!! After my calls to the police and letting Mrs Rose know through Face Book I promptly received the funds. Watch out for these rookies. Also this business is located in Las Vegas, NV (Sin City) not the best town to do business in. Had problems there before. As I said in my 1st post... Use caution when doing business with these people.

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Jun 2 12 11:37 AM

My only experience with them was alerting them that someone was selling Nagel: The Book [Softcover] unlimited edition posthumous lithograph as if it was the lifetime-released print Mirage.

It is relatively easy to investigate and I would think they would want to make sure pieces offered for sale on this site would not be misrepresentations.  

In short, they did nothing.  It was more than a year ago, and the print is still listed 

Not good.


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Jul 20 12 11:47 AM

In response to Captwilby post, I can only say that I am perplexed at his whole attitude.  Captwilby was paid by Art Brokerage within the time limits of Art Brokerage policy.  Art Brokerage policy states "Art Brokerage will release funds to the seller within 7 business days".  The item was shipped by the seller with the pre-paid shipping label that Art Brokerage provided on 5/15/12.  On 5/18/12 the buyer received the art.  On 5/21/12 a check was mailed to Captwilby.  This is well within the perimeters of our policy.  Obviously Captwilby's post and complaint is unwarranted. 
Captwilby was unconcerned and uninterested in the fact that the case was broke, all he was interested in was demanding his payment.
Captwilby is no longer welcome on our site.

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Jul 20 12 2:43 PM

In response to robfrankel and nagelite regarding comments about Cathryn Parr response.

Art Brokerage deals with over 50,000 buyers, sellers, artists, galleries, collectors and investors. Art Brokerage is not willing to deal in art priced under $2,000. We are happy to leave that task to ebay.
If you know any serious buyers who are interested in serious art we are the site for them.

Cathryn Parr is a very talented art broker and her response to the low offer was following Art Brokerage policy. Perhaps the response is a bit harsh and we will look into re-wording our script to respond to these low offers. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. However the comments about a person not known personally was certainly uncalled for and rude..

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Jul 20 12 4:22 PM

Hate to break it to you Helen, but you are dealing in art priced under $2000. You are not convincing the Nagel crowd of anything by posting here and declaring that we are unserious.

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Jul 21 12 7:35 AM

My greatest concern is that, once again, they are allowing a piece to be listed as a fine art, lifetime released limited edition serigraph poster when it is in reality, a posthumously released lithograph.

This is very easy to verify if one has the book.  The lifetime print is 17" x 25 3/8" and all the pigments are flat/matte finish.

The print listed is clearly "Nagel: The Book [softcover] which even the photo betrays since the black pigments of the hair has a glossy, light bouncing, finish to them which is clear from the photo.

ArtBrokerage had this reported to them, and they have not followed up.

That suggests to me enough to prevent buying anything from them.

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Jul 21 12 9:31 AM

Enzo is correct.

Sure hope Helen realizes that, especially on the internet, nothing spreads faster than a bad reputation. With her reply, has simply confirmed its reputation as a vendor with whom I'd never do business for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its apparent inability to run a customer-friendly, honest, transparent enterprise.

I also hope the sellers on the site aren't paying good money to list there.

Rob Frankel



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#15 [url]

Jul 21 12 9:48 AM

Rob and others,

This is just in response to the amount of commission that takes and their pricing, I won't comment on their service as I have no experience.

Obviously brokers are paid a commission (I work in sales solely on commission) but I thought I would post the footer from their own site. Buyers should take this into account if they are purchasing. 

As an example at their current minimum price at 2k they receive 25% or $500 of the sale. Maybe this fee is worth it to a collector that can't find a rare piece on Ebay?

But obviously as Enzo and you have already stated the starting prices are well over 25% fair market value. If they took a fair market value and added their fee ONLY on top of this number I believe I would consider a purchase for something I really wanted and I think they would see a lot of sales and still win.

And to the response of only dealing with a pieces they will list over 2k, thats too bad for so many reasons but yes the market isn't really there and sales is all about moving inventory!! If they were to sell 3 pieces under 1000k right away and earn money, or list 1 piece at $3000 that sits for more that a year or maybe never sells..whats a better business model? Its all about numbers baby....move the pieces and still make money. If they were busier maybe they could staff more people:)

My two cents anyway.


Click here to view the attachment

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#16 [url]

Jun 5 13 5:23 AM

That website is a joke to the artworld! I know a bunch of people who are ready to eradicate them because they are staining the reputation of buying/selling art, turning away many new potential investors. Lots of people stumble upon looking to buy or sell, and are quickly turned away by the snobby attitudes of the sales people, acting as if they own the whole market and can do as they please. This doesn't sit well with other art brokerages, auction houses, since they are turning away new money from this industry, and into a completely different type of investment. Don't play with money lest you be eradicated.

I had a piece listed which a buyer was interested in, and artbrokerage contacted me and told me that my offer price was too high. Rather than allow us to negotiate, and rather than actually brokering the deal, artbrokerage acted like a kindergarten kid throwing a tantrum and decided to immediately take down the listings of the artist. Not only mine, but every single listing of the artist which was more than 25 at the time.

What a joke. will become eradicated soon.

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#17 [url]

Aug 5 13 4:28 PM

I have written them repeatedly to inquire into my name and account being removed with collectors listing my works for resale. I have spent hours on the site that constantly freezes up and crashes my PC. No response no reply definitely very unprofessional practices to say the least. I have been very patient and did speak with someone about a very serious matter of them publishing an auction result that had very special circumstances and is very damaging to my reputation and career, but I was very nice about it and well within my rights. My work has been in major galleries and sold for as high as $9.00 per square inch. I don't know what happened and why my account was closed and name removed... But to not respond to my repeated inquiries has me to the point of filing a complaint with the BBB.

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#18 [url]

Mar 31 16 4:33 PM


owner Donna Rose has absolutely no clue about customer service. Artbrokerage is a bucket shop avoid if you can there are by far better places to buy and / or sell artwork

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#20 [url]

Oct 11 16 12:17 PM

Recommendations on which brokerage to use?

@artbrokeragesucks - Who would you recommend? Were you able to sell your piece?


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