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Feb 8 13 10:10 PM

Nagelite and MMMike,

Awesomeness.  Those posts are perfect awesomeness!    

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Feb 10 13 6:43 PM

NA thank you for that still! I forgot about that, I will need to break out the dvd again and take a look. 

Nagelite, I'm so glad you mentioned "Reform School Girls" and yes, 2 women I love Wendy O. Williams and Pat Ast, so many good lines came from that movie. This was one of the few DVDs I kept in my collection before I got rid of most... not to mention Suspiria, Liquid Sky, Peau D'ane and Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Those I will never get rid of. 

And in memory of Wendy I'll dig up a couple of Plasmatics records out of the crates and give them a spin.

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Jun 4 13 9:37 PM

veronica lake

particularly from the film, blue dahlia. which, btw, is a pretty good film noir. but her character is not quite strong enough; but she sure does have the nagel appearance and look

Click here to view the attachment

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Jun 25 13 1:27 PM

If there was one supermodel in the 1980s that I always saw that I thought looked like a Nagel, no translation needed, it was Eva Voorhees. 

There are several Nagel illustrations and paintings where I very much see Eva, particularly some with voluminous, curly hair.  (No one could do big hair better, and have it still be classy, than Eva.)

Looking at Eva, to me, is like looking at the woman who is gazing out at me from the Palm Springs Life painting.

When combined with the note that the estate once made a comment about a piece with a veil that amounted to saying Nagel was looking at Italian Vogue, and, well, just getting inspired by Vogue, which often had Eva on the cover, and it all makes sense.

Then, today, I found this and it cannot, to me, be a coinsidence.

Also, in the drawing for this piece, the model does not have hair cascading down below her cheek;  It is like the photograph.



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Jun 28 13 2:00 AM

NA, it is the high cheek bone. i'm gonna be lazy and not bother to look at any other nagel, and speculate that in no other nagel is there so high a cheek bone as can be seen in this model and its duplicate nagel.  i would not agree with your speculation as to nagel's intent to dilute the area of white on her face with the choice of particular ear ring. perhaps that ring, unique to the nagelism of conspicuous ear rings, deserves critique, but i doubt to lessen the white. he had a number of pieces with more white area. and as you know, he was fond of the 2d. i would venture to guess due the height of the cheek bone
good call on her ideal woman of models for nagelesque. its that broad face, eye brows, (cat) nasal bridge, and importantly, the look
ever notice how beautiful women have peculiarly (if not ugly) shaped ears?

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Sep 5 15 1:50 PM

Ruby Rose

I came across this amazingly Nagel-esque photo of the actress/model Ruby Rose. Very cool . Check it out.image

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