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Sep 22 12 2:46 AM

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did patrick ever use the same face for different paintings?

that is, could one identify the same nagel woman in different paintings? often see the same blue eyes

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Sep 22 12 5:19 AM

Nagel sometimes used the same body parts, combining one drawing with parts from another.  We have seen several examples of this.  There is a piece in the book, page 52, easy to note as the woman pinching her nipple.  I have seen a drawing of the exact same body from the neck down, but with the head in profile with a blindfold on.

There are other examples, too.

In terms of models, he used different ones, but there were some that were used over and over again. In the book, Barry Haun, his final assistant, say, "There were a couple of favorties." in terms of models.

For those of us who look at the pieces, we often think we know which ones are Cathy St. George and Tracy Vaccaro in particular, along with Michelle Karpe (sp?).  And then there are the named pieces like Shannon (Shannon Tweed), and Joan Collins.

Here is the catch: Neither Tracy nor Cathy are raven haired goddesses.  Pat felt very free to modify all the colors, including eye color to whatever suited him and the image.

Cathy was the model for many pieces, and I can often spot her face shape or some teltale hint, but sometimes he would change a line in the face and it is gone.

Cathy is the model for "Playboy 30th Anniversary," and "Cashmere" for example.  Looking at those two pieces, it is hard to believe the same model was used for both.

Tracy is the model in "Standing Lady/Wasserman,"  "Topless w Gloves"(page 71), "Striped Pants" (Page 103), "Sunglasses" among others.   Pat would change things.  For example, Looking at "Topless w/Gloves" and "Striped Pants" one can tell it was the same photos hoot: the model has the same hair style, is topless, wearing mid-forearm gloves, and lycra form-fitting pants.  Pat changed all the colors and added earrings.

But, if someone told me "Striped Pants" was of Tracy V, I would have no way of knowing that except putting together that we now know "Topless w Gloves"(page 71), "Striped Pants" (Page 103), "Sunglasses" all have origins in the same photo shoot.  But if you look at them and then "Standing Lady/Wasserman" I would have no clue those were the same model.



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Nov 4 12 9:02 PM

having looked up tracy vaccaro and Topless with Gloves, i am wondering how much the model's personality which came out in the photograph or their business interaction influenced pat's direction in the personality of each nagel woman

Topless w Gloves has a rather sassy personality (Stripped Pants too), playfully posing to best portray her (look but cant touch btw) chest. you can see the same trait in the photo of tracy vaccaro topless in suspenders w/ american flag bow tie

add Cashmere to my list of never seen before nagels. thank you

the Los Angeles Police Department report  the # 5 of Standing Lady as being stolen; no date. yah, very different from the other three, Sunglasses, Topless with Gloves and Striped Pants which all have a similar flair. in fact, Standing Lady almost look like a virtual woman with naturally built in 1980s woman shoulder pads; nothing like the model

NAGEL, Patrick
Standing Lady
60" x 37"
LAPD DR# 01-1109099  (Case 3-6/01)

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Nov 4 12 11:19 PM


I am getting a bit concerned!! You are now scoping our local LAPD sites for stolen art?
Okay you have officially hit the obsessed mark. Even I didn't find that one yet. I guess you will be asking around "on the streets" for info on who has the stolen goods. Let me know if you get a good deal out there.

I also will be looking out for #5. I'm cracking up ....but, uh oh...Does this mean I have to set my alarm because of my new Nagels?


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#5 [url]

Nov 5 12 2:36 PM

yes, unfortunately, i'll never be able to show her off. my Standing Lady is just for me!

i found the lapd post thru a net search for Standing Lady, it just happened to be one of the images i clicked on

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