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Oct 23 12 7:34 PM

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I always have liked this image, although it tends to be less discussed or coveted, probably because we don't see her eyes? I have often thought, "What is Nagel's woman doing? I mean really?" and since I have been on the forum have asked others to replies of "watching a tennis match," "lounging by a desert pool on her stomach," "running." I have always felt she was leaning on a bike. It was the obvious choice for me and I when I first saw this image I saw the bike. I know its not there but it was in my mind. Well after seeing the image for the first time in person last night (by the way she is beautiful and I love her blush line) I decided to try and find a real answer. Remember I am a newbie so if everyone already has this figured out my apologies. I know this poster was done for the Silver Sunbeam Gallery in New Mexico. But I simply googled Silver Sunbeam and learned there is a very well known Sunbeam Cycles company. Well looking deeper its just plain fun to see... So for me unless someone else tells me otherwise I still think Nagel's Silver Sunbeam woman is riding her Silver Sunbeam bike.

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Oct 23 12 8:26 PM

Ha! Swimmersgirl, I love it. Since your post has my imagination going...

Another possibility; she might be seated wearing a tube top or a strapless terry short onesie and pulling an athletic sock back up after a challenging game of tennis in the desert while contemplating the mountainous Albuquerque horizon.

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Oct 23 12 9:45 PM

I have a new hypothesis. The cactus and she are casting shadows on the wall. Gotta be ping pong. Unless Nagel thought you can cast a shadow on the Albuquerque horizon. Which he probably did.

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Oct 24 12 6:29 AM

Naked bike riding happens, even in my wonderful, and often rainy Portland:

The streak of pink blush would be Pat representing her superego's conflict with her choice to let her id run, or this case, cycle wild.

Granted she is wearing her visor.


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Oct 24 12 9:12 AM

You're all wrong. This is a hint planted three decades before Breaking Bad actually aired.  That's why her identity is hidden......she's working for Gus Fring. :D

This is one of the pieces I secured this past year. I have no idea what the event was, but I find this to be one of Nagel's best example of composition. All the lines and elements are balanced and weighted perfectly, flowing effortlessly.

It's also one of his "hotter" pieces, meaning that it uses hotter colors, rather than his usual cool palette. I find that interesting, too.

Rob Frankel

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Oct 24 12 11:41 AM

have thought of this nagel as an epicene painting, a mix of both genders: the masculine haircut, the shaded lip, the pink visor, the subtle shadow which is 3 oclock obvious, the hidden eyes -which is nagel's most prominent conveyance of emotion from the nagel woman- the white flower on the dominantly placed, well thorned phallic cactus to boot! and rob's note on nagel's particular choice of colors for this piece

paty is messing with our minds

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